Quran & Tajweed

Quran & Tajweed

Tajweed according to the Riwayat of Hafs 'an 'Aasim & Tahfeedh Programme

Abingdon Muslims provide an ideal opportunity for Muslims in Abingdon to learn tajweed according to the riwayat of Hafs 'an 'Aasim, to perfect their recitation of the Holy Quran & Insha'Allah begin tahfeedh (hifz) class.

The Quran and its recitation is a very important aspect in Islam, it is wajib to pronounce each letter of the Arabic alphabet from the correct Makharij, if the pronunciation isn't correct than it can be detrimental to the recitation of the Holy Quran. We believe that it is never too late to learn, Tajweed tuition is available for Adults & Children in Abingdon free of charge with an experienced teacher, taught by one of the foremost Qari's in England, with emphasis on clear crisp pronunciation. A tailored programme based on a balanced practical approach, beginning with correct pronunciation continuing to the very detailed aspects of the qirat of Hafs 'an 'Aasim. Tahfeedh (hifz) class is also available, an ideal opportunity to begin memorising the Holy Quran.

Quran & Tajweed Abingdon Muslims
  • Individually tailored course
  • According to the riwayat of Hafs 'an 'Aasim
  • Free of charge
  • Suitable for Adults & Children
  • Suitable for all levels
  • 15 minute - 45 minute Sessions
  • Saturday class 7am-11am (time to be confirmed by student)
  • Experienced Teacher taught by one of the foremost Qari's in England