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"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful"

Assallam'mua'lai'kum & Welcome To Abingdon Muslims This is a website for general information on Islamic services available for Muslims in Abingdon & Insha'Allah Oxfordshire. Islam is peaceful religion, emphasising excellent character, brotherhood and humility. The Muslim's of Abingdon, endeavour to help any individual regardless of religion, race or creed, who would like to know more about Islam, what we do & why we do it. If by chance, there is something particular that you are looking for & you cannot find the information on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Abingdon Muslims

About Abingdon Muslims

About Abingdon Muslims


In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

To establish the Remembrance of Allah Most High, Salah, The Sunnah of our Prophet 'peace & blessing be upon him', To Educate & Self Improve, To Demonstrate great Character, To create Brotherhood & Peace with all Communities regardless of colour, creed, status, religion in Abingdon, without any political/personal Agendas, purely for the pleasure of Allah Most High, Most Merciful.

A Muslim's constitution can be found in the Quran, Allah All Mighty has presented the perfect constitution in one of the shortest Surah's of the Quran; despite its conciseness, this Surah is one of the most comprehensive Surah's of the Qur'an.

By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed & done righteous deeds & advised each other to truth & advised each other to patience.

It is narrated in hadith:

"Hadhrat Ubaidullah bin Haf's said, "When 2 men from the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) would meet, they wouldn't part from one another until one of them recited Surah Al-Asr, until its end; then they would give greetings of peace to one another after it." At-Tabarani

The great Imam Ash-Shafi'i (RA) said:

"If Allah All Mighty had revealed only Surah Al-Asr, to His creation, it would have been enough for them."

Surah Al-Asr highlights 4 important points:
  1. To know the truth.
  2. To apply it in practice.
  3. To teach it to one who doesn't know it or who is weak in his knowledge of it.
  4. To be patient regarding the aforementioned points: patient when you are learning the truth, patient when you are applying the truth and patient when you are teaching the truth.

A great lesson from this extensive surah is that, to strengthen your knowledge you must have faith, and to strengthen your application you must perform good deeds. Then you should be patient in your knowledge, your actions, and in your teaching.

May Allah All Mighty enable us to act upon what we have read and may Allah accept our efforts. I pray Allah instils in our hearts the ability to act upon his commandments & the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

Services What We Do

Abingdon Muslims Logo Quran & Tajweed

Abingdon Muslims provide an ideal opportunity for Muslims in Abingdon to learn tajweed according to the riwayat of Hafs 'an 'Aasim, to perfect their recitation of the Holy Quran & Insha'Allah begin tahfeedh (hifz) class.

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Islam in Abingdon Congregrational prayers

We all know that Salah is a pillar of Islam and on the Day of Judgement the account for the prayers will have to be rendered first. Salah in jama'ah (congregation) is also very important. The importance of Salah with Jama'ah has been emphasised in the Quran and Hadith.

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Tafseer and Talim Oxfordshire Tafseer & Talim talks

Abingdon Muslims focus on short talks with very sharp realistic points which force each individual to think, ponder and really apply the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) into our lives.

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South Oxfordshire Community Support Community Support

Abingdon is a small town with a strong Christian faith group, Abingdon Muslims endeavour to work with the local faith groups to develop good community relationship's. The focus isn't on debating who is right or wrong but, rather focussing on the similarities and developing strong friendships based on them.

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PrayerDates & Times

Salah (Prayer)

Jumuah Salah Time:
13:10/13:15 - taqreer
13:25 - Khutbah start
13:30 - jama'ah

Jumu'ah is held at:

Abingdon Health and Wellbeing Centre,
The Abbey Centre, Crabtree Place,
Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3GD

Isha & Maghrib prayers are held at:

4 East St Helen Street


OX14 3HG

Contact Get in Touch

Contact Abingdon Muslims
  • Contact: Suleman Ibn Moosa
  • Email: sulemanibnmoosa@gmail.com